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Lesli Borrelli – Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (#137141)

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Lesli Borrelli – I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (#137141) practicing in the state of California. I am someone who sparks change in my client’s lives and their relationships. I work together with my clients to help to promote change in their life when they feel stuck. I work diligently with each client and provide a treatment approach tailored specifically to each client. I help clients in uncovering patterns they may not be aware of in order to begin to have more control of their emotions and be excited about their relationships again. I have over 9Yrs of experience working in high tech, medical professional, Individual and couples. 


We work with individuals struggling with issues such as anxiety, depression, or trauma that are affecting their relationships. Each of my clients is very special to me and I design a treatment plan to fit each client’s individual need

Licensed Marriage Therapist

Licensed Family Therapist

We Help You Live a Happy Life

Marriage and Family Therapists are mental health clinicians we are specialists in relationship therapy, we are trained and have experience working with a broad range of clients. Licensed MFTs have completed thousands of clinical intern hours with clients, 50% of which are relationship cases. We all hold a Masters’s Degree or higher.  We do not prescribe medication. 

🌸 I  hold 9 years experience with the flowing clientele

🌸 High-tech corporate individuals 

🌸 Doctors – Nurses – Attorneys 

🌸 Women – Teens and young adults 

🌸 Men’s issues & couples 

🌸 Conflict resolution with couples going through a divorce and Co-parenting planning 

High-Tech Corporate Individuals 

Doctors - Nurses - Attorneys

Women - Teen - Young Adults

Men's Issues & Couples

Conflict Resolution

Medical Professional

Why does someone need a couples therapist or a marriage and family therapist?

There are many reasons why someone may seek the help of a marriage therapist. Some of the most common reasons include

A marriage therapist can help couples identify and address a wide range of issues that are affecting their relationship, and work toward building a stronger and more fulfilling partnership.

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Hours available

Monday - Friday

Weekends upon request



Hours available

Monday - Friday

Weekends upon request

How can a couples therapist or marriage and family therapist help?

Marriage therapists can help couples in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways in which a marriage therapist can help

A marriage therapist can help couples to improve their communication, resolve conflicts, and build a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

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